August 7th, 2013

Kym in yard

Want 4 Minutes of (Literary) Fame? Of Course You Do!

You've heard of a stand-up comic before, but a stand-up author?

Let me explain....

I decided I was tired of letting comedians have all the fun. I wanted my 4 minutes of (literary) fame WITHOUT having to wait for the Micheal L. Printz award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature Committee to notice me (cough, cough). So I chatted with a couple of my besties, Cherie Colyer and Katie Sparks, and we came up with a plan.


1) We picked a cool pub that'll let us have a private backroom. (Kidlit + alcohol = Happy Crowd)
2) You sign up in advance to obtain your very own “4 Minutes of Fame”
in one of the following ways:

  • reading pages from your book

  • sharing your book trailer

  • showing illustrations you've drawn

  • revealing your book cover

  • some other creative expression of your children’s lit book.

3) Invite your friends, family, and fellow authors to join us for some good old-fashioned book gossip and…
4) Viola! You've gotten your 4 Minutes of Literary Fame, made some new connections, and received some free exposure for you and/or your books!

(NOTE: The Green Brothers will NOT be attending this event...although they are welcome to participate. John? Hank?)

WHO:   Any traditionally published, self-published, or want-to-be-published author/poet

WHAT:  A good time (Seriously, that’s all this is – FUN!)

REGISTER IN ADVANCE to be one of the stand-up authors. SIGN UP HERE.  We’re limiting this first stand-up literary event to the first 15 authors who sign up – but we are planning more of these events to come in the future! If you're not sure you're ready to present THIS time, come on out and cheer on your fellow authors!

WHEN: MONDAY, OCTOBER 21ST at 7:00 PM (til approx. 9:00, but you can stay as late as you like….)

WHERE: TOKIO PUB ( 1900 W. Higgins, Schaumburg, IL

COST:  FREE (although we hope you buy a cocktail or three to thank Tokio Pub for allowing us heathens in…)

Hosted by: Kym Brunner at // Cherie Colyer at // Katie Sparks at

*We will have a table set up for the stand-up authors to display bookmarks or other giveaways, but so that others can attend without feeling pressured to buy, we ask that you do not bring your books to sell. HOWEVER, we will be giving all attendees a list of the stand up authors' names, book titles, and/or website addresses so they may contact you after the event. Thanks! :)

Now all we need is….YOU!

Hope to see you there!

'Til next time,